Business e-Deposit Savings Calculator

Complete the boxes below to see how the Bank of Hemet can help your business save time and money with Business e-Deposit.

 How many trips a week do you make to the branch to make a deposit?  trips/week
 How many minutes does each trip take (including time spent at the bank)?  minutes
 How many miles is the branch from your office?  miles
 What is the CITY mileage of your car/truck?  mpg
 What is the average price of gas in your city?  $/per gallon
 How much do you pay your employee (who makes the trip to the branch)?  $/per hour

 Gallons of gasoline:    gallons
 Which equals this many barrels of oil:    barrels
 And a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by this many pounds:    pounds
 That is the equivalent of planting this many trees:    trees
 Saving this many hours:    hours
 This number of hours translates to:    per year
 And the gallons of gasoline translates to:    per year

 By using The Bank of Hemet's Business eDeposit,  
 you not only help reduce gas emissions; you actually will save a total of:   

 If the total does not appear please click in the allocated box. All calculations are based on a per year basis.
 ¹Total amount includes gasoline as well as time spent in a year multiplied by the hourly rate.