Image of various currencyThe Bank of Hemet’s Routing Number

Our routing number for all transactions is 122234194

Wire Transfers

For times when you have a need to transfer funds quickly, we offer wire transfer services to domestic and international banks.

If you wish to wire funds to an account at another financial institution please bring the information below to your local bank branch before 12:00pm PST for a same day transfer.

  • Beneficiary Bank name, address and ABA/Routing number (SWIFT code if foreign)
  • Intermediary Bank name (if applicable)
  • Beneficiary name, address and account number

For business customers who send wires regularly, we offer a wire module within our Cash Management product that will allow you to send wires conveniently from your place of business online.  Wire transfers initiated online before 12:00pm PST will be processed the same bank business day.

Foreign Currency requirements vary by country; please provide the following information when sending funds to the following:                        

  • Canada:  Transit Code
  • Europe:  Valid IBAN Number & Bank Code
  • Mexico:  CABLE Number

Incoming Domestic Wire Instructions

Funds Wired To:

The Bank of Hemet
3715 Sunnyside Drive
Riverside, CA 92506
ABA/Routing Number:  122234194

Final Credit To:

Receiving Customer’s Name
Receiving Customer’s Address
Receiving Customer’s Account Number

Incoming Foreign Wire Instructions

The Bank of Hemet has partnered with Western Union for your International Wire needs. 

To receive a foreign incoming wire transfer to a Bank of Hemet account, you will be directed to Western Union's site to receive specific instructions for the country and currency the funds will be transmitted from.   

Fees related to Incoming, Domestic and International Wires are referenced in the Schedule of Fees.