Lockbox Services

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The Bank of Hemet's Lockbox Services can increase the speed of your company's cash collection by reducing mail, processing, and collection "float." By directing invoice payments to a bank-controlled post office box, we can intercept the mail for immediate deposit and reduce the amount of time your company spends handling these items.

Service features:

  • Reduces collection "float" and improves your company's cashflow
  • Increases business efficiency
  • Wholesale Lockbox is designed for processing low-volume, high-dollar, business-to-business payments
  • Retail Lockbox is designed to process low-dollar, high-volume, consumer-to-business payments (usually for companies billing over 1,000 customers per month and using a machine-readable document containing a scanline)

For more information regarding Lockbox Services please call (951) 766-4100 or visit your local branch.