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The Bank of Hemet ranked among the Top 4% of banks nationwide!

Fiserv Bank Intelligence, a nationwide firm that provides technology solutions to the financial world, recently awarded The Bank of Hemet with the PROVEN PERFORMERS AWARD 2017.

The Fiserv Proven Performers Award Program is designed to recognize banks that have sustained banking excellence for five consecutive years. Bank Intelligence Solutions at Fiserv conducted an extensive study of every eligible bank in the United States and those that met the stringent criteria for sustained profitability, growth and risk management performance over a period of the last five years were named Proven Performers. Fiserv recognized 212 exceptional banks as Proven Performers out of 5,234 banks in the United States.

The Bank of Hemet is distinguished as one of 212 institutions nationwide and one of fourteen banks in California to meet and maintain the highest levels of success each year from 2012 through 2016.

Fiserv has recognized this accomplishment each year since 2011 and the Bank is proud to announce that we have been a recipient each year since its inception.   

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Bauer Financial 5 Star Superior Rating, Q2-2018  

The Bank of Hemet is one of only six banks headquartered in Riverside or San Bernardino County to be awarded a 5-Star (“Superior”) Rating from Bauer Financial, Inc., an independent bank rating company. Bauer’s 5-Star Rating, their highest performance ranking, represents an independent, unbiased analysis of a financial institution’s safety and soundness position. Bauer has been analyzing and reporting the financial condition of the nation’s banking industry since 1983.

The Bank of Hemet is pleased to announce that this is our 35th consecutive quarter to receive a 5-Star rating.

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Ranked #5 of California's 150 banks in Overall Performance by FMC, Q2-2018

The Bank of Hemet is proud to announce its current ranking as #5 over all banks in the state of California for Overall Performance by FMC, for the quarter ending June 30, 2018.  This ranking is based on return on assets, return on equity, efficiency and other various categories.  The Bank of Hemet has continually placed within the top 5% of California Banks since 2009.     

  • Ranked #5 of California's 159 banks in Overall Performance by FMC, 2017
  • Ranked #5 of California's 171 banks in Overall Performance by FMC, 2016
  • Ranked #4 of California's 185 banks in Overall Performance by FMC, 2015
  • Ranked #2 of California's 202 banks in Overall Performance by FMC, 2014
  • Ranked #3 of California's 215 banks in Overall Performance by FMC, 2013
  • Ranked #2 of California's 233 banks in Overall Performance by FMC, 2012
  • Ranked #3 of California's 230 banks in Overall Performance by FMC, 2011
  • Ranked #4 of California's 243 banks in Overall Performance by FMC, 2010

 Bankrate Safe and Sound Five Star Rating Logo

The Bank of Hemet receives Highest Rating for Financial Strength and Stability

The Bank of Hemet receives a "Five Star" rating from's Safe & Sound® Ratings Service for the quarter ending on June 30, 2018.  Five stars is the highest award and defined as a "Superior" ranking of relative financial strength and stability.

Findley Report Logo

Recognized as one of California's "Super Premier" Performing Banks by The Findley Reports, Inc. for 2017

The Bank of Hemet has been designated as a "Super Premier" Bank for 2017 by The Findley Reports, Inc. Overall, 127 California banks were recognized, with only 75 receiving the highest distinction of "Super Premier".  As a highly regarded financial industry consulting firm, The Findley Reports has been recognizing the financial performance of banking institutions in California for over forty years.  Four basic traits were considered in addition to each Bank's financial performance: stability of board and management; organizational health; balance within the balance sheet with core earnings and control of the risk profile of the organization; strong partner relationships with their customers, shareholders, regulators and industry.

Seifried and Brew Top 15th Performer Logo

Ranked as one of America's Top Performing Community Banks by Seifried & Brew in 2016

Seifried & Brew, LLC (S&B), a community bank risk management firm, has named The Bank of Hemet as a Premier Financial Institution resulting from exemplary performance of balancing risk and return based on the S&B Total Risk/Return Composite Ranking.  The bank placed in the top 15th percentile of all community banks with assets between $10 million to $30 billion.  The Bank is 1 of 25 banks in California to receive this distinguished honor.

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The Bank of Hemet ranked #1 in Overall Performance, Q4-2016 

The Bank of Hemet is ranked #1 among peer banks in California with an asset size between $500 million and $1 billion for the quarter ending on December 31, 2016 by DD&F.

DD&F Consulting Group is an independent firm that ranks community banks nationwide on seven key performance areas.  Metrics are measured on operations, loan portfolio performance, efficiency and profitability.

Deposit Accounts Top 200 Healthiest Banks 2015 Logo

 The Bank of Hemet recognized as one of the Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America

The Bank of Hemet is recognized by for demonstrating exceptional fiduciary responsibility in its 2015 edition of the Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America.  From a list of 6,998 banks, The Bank of Hemet is ranked 76, receiving and overall institutional health rating of A+.

Each year evaluates the financial health of every federally insured bank in the United States.  Each institution is graded on a number of factors, including capitalization, deposit growth, and loan to reserve ratios, in order to determine a comprehensive health score. 

The Bank of Hemet is the only bank to be recognized in the Riverside or San Bernardino County area.  

ICBA Independent Banker Highlights The Bank of Hemet as a Top Performer Among the Nation's Community Banks

ICBA Independent Banker Highlights The Bank of Hemet as a Top Performer Among the Nation's Community Banks.
The Bank of Hemet has been named in the May 2016 issue of ICBA Independent Banker "The Best of the Best", as one of the Top 25 Community Banks in the United States.  This is the sixth consecutive year that the Bank has been recognized by ICBA for its performance.  The ranking is compiled from standard industry performance measures that include return on assets and equity.