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Streamline payments, improve collectability and reduce transaction costs and check fraud with electronic payments and collections.

What is ACH Origination?

ACH Origination is an easy and cost-effective way to help businesses manage the following:

  • Payroll disbursements via Direct Deposit
  • Federal and State tax payments
  • Make and collect business-to-business payments
  • Monthly charitable donations and more. 

Why would I use it?

ACH Origination is ideal for any business that wants to streamline bookkeeping and reduce the hassle and expense of making all payments by check.

How your Company benefits.

  • Save money by eliminating excessive check writing and handling. There's no printing, postage or storage costs.
  • Save costly back-office time by reducing account reconciliation.
  • Eliminate expensive "stop payment" fees due to lost checks.
  • Reduce fraud exposure due to lost or stolen checks.
  • Get more accurate cash flow projections because you control the timing of payments.

For more information regarding ACH Origination please call (951) 766-4100 or visit your local branch.